Sam & Allie had their wedding planned to be an outdoor fall ceremony in October, in all its glorious colors and cozy temperatures. Just a week before the big day, we find out there’s an unexpected blizzard coming with no chance of missing us. We all had just a few days to make adjustments for the snow, changes to be indoors, and everything else that came with it. When the day arrived, Sam & Allie were fully there for it. They embraced the snow and everything else that came with it. They walked in the snow, snuggled for photos and video, and celebrated this important day in their lives.

Even though the day wasn’t packaged the way they planned, it was still filled with what mattered most —laughter, hugs, and tears. Intentional and real moments with family, friends, and each other.

Life doesn’t happen the way you expect and sometimes your wedding day won’t either. Slow down, be present, and lean into these moments.
As a wedding vendor who has an opportunity to lean in with couples during the planning process, helping to make the day happen the way they always envisioned is a great honor and brings a joy to my heart when it’s successful. But when things happen that are out of the control of everyone involved, it’s amazing how much more the day can be when we set our plans aside and just take in what’s happening organically in the moment.

I will always remember this wedding and couple, because they didn’t let these things take way from what this day meant for them and that set the tone for all of us who were there to serve them.

Congrats Sam & Allie!