Luke & Hannah had a beautiful fall wedding day at Fort Sisseton Historic State Park. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, between the bright sunshine and warm temperatures for November, there wasn’t much more you could ask for. This couple is so amazing, and getting to watch them together through out the day, it was evident they are madly in love. It was hard to to get emotional listening to their letter readings to one another and their reactions during the first look and walking down the aisle.

My family and I have a special spot for Hannah in our hearts because we grew up knowing her from Britton, although she was younger than us. Once she came to college in Brookings, she began to babysit our kids (Maggie & Rowan adore her), allowing us to have date nights. She’s an amazing woman and has been a blessing to our family for years now. We have seen the love she has for our family and others, so we know she is going to bring that same love into her marriage and family of her own.

Congrats Luke & Hannah!