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What do these words mean? Why should we care, especially when it comes to finding a photographer or videographer?

Life is busy and only seems to get faster with each season of life. In the last few years my wife and I have really been pressing into this idea of slowing down. During 10 plus years of marriage and five of parenting, we as family are continually learning what it means to savor these small moments, find joy in the daily rhythms, and lean into these changing seasons of life. It's so easy to get caught up in the frantic pace of culture and loosing sight of the process during the journey.

Creating space to slow down and be present in real moments with your loved ones is the heart behind this imagery. You've been uniquely made and so is your story. That deserves to be celebrated and remembered with imagery that authentically and honestly captures you, living life purposefully and unapologetically.


& Intentional

Telling genuine stories for those who live fully & love deeply.

Celebrating the journeys of couples & families

living in the moment, authentically & on purpose.

The Booking Process


Making a genuine connection through intentionality.







If I have the date available we'll get a contract signed to reserve your big day! Then we'll start the process of planning to create imagery you'll have for a lifetime!

I believe the best imagery comes from having a connection with your photographer or videographer. We can chat over coffee or on the phone to see if we'd be a good fit!

Everything resonating so far? Great, inquire by filling out a contact form on the connect page and share all the details of what you've envisioning for you images or video!

frequently asked questions


We love your work, what's next?


Awesome! Move over to the contact page to fill out a form to begin the process. I'll get connected with you and we can start making something great together!

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Brookings & South Dakota is where most of my work takes place, but traveling brings inspiration and opportunities to create new imagery for clients. If I get an opportunity to do that, I never turn it down!


How many images will we receive?

You can expect 600-800 fully edited digital images in a wedding collection. A portrait collection with a family or couple can expect 70-100. All weddings and portrait session are different, so images quantities can vary from each booking but you can always trust all the moments are being captured.


How will we receive our images or video?

No matter what session booked, all images will be delivered through a personal online gallery. From that gallery you'll be able to download your content to store for your own safekeeping. Archiving options are available with me as well.


Do you edit all of our images or video?

Yes! I firmly believe in the personal approach I take with my work and that includes the editing & workflow process after the session. I go through every image and work on them with the same intentionality of preparing for the session date and the day of.


Do you offer printing options?

Yep! Let's get those images off your phone and onto your walls! It's very common for us to just download our images to keep them on our phones for viewing, but never print them. You'll have the print rights to take your images wherever you'd like, but I recommend printing right from your online gallery with the trust professional lab I use personally for my own images. There are many great options for frames, albums, and cards.


Anything else you'd like us to know?

I would love to be able to book every potential client that finds me, but I understand a lot of things factor into the decision making process. Please, book the photographer or filmmaker that you feel you connect with best. If that's not me, that's totally fine. You deserve to have your life moments capture the way you envisioned and I believe that happens by having the person there you feel most comfortable and make a connection with!


Wedding Photography & Videography

Let's start with a conversation. I believe a connection between you and your photographer or videographer is the first step in documenting the wedding day the way you envisioned and deserve! We can chat to to get to know one another better and you can share your story and dreams for your biggest day.


Individual Session Options


Document your life, no matter what season you're in.









Interested in some imagery but not sure what category it falls into? Or want to personalize your session experience? Connect with me for more info.

Portrait session option for couples looking for engagement images or updating those frames on your walls.

Portrait session option for families to get those frames updated at home, prepare those holiday cards, and most importantly, document this season of life.

Portrait session option for senior getting ready to graduate and wanting photos that fully capture who their personality.

Starts at: $350

Pricing Varies

Starts at: $750

Starts at: $450

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Hailey & Haiden

"Nothing but an amazing experience. He was very professional, an excellent communicator, flexible and made us comfortable throughout the entire process. We loved our engagement session, wedding day images, and the experience with him. We are so thankful for Jordan helping us document the next step in our lives and we will use him in the future for other important events."