“Why be a photographer?"

A few years ago I was challenged with this question during a conversation with some mentors.

What seemed simple proved to be difficult to answer. But it provoked meaningful reflection and discovery, not only about being a photographer or running a business, but about faith, marriage, parenting, and the journey of life. A simple question that honestly awakened something in me and challenged the path I wanted to be on.

I've made it a routine to revisit that question of 'why' often. It keeps in rooted in the present, living in the moment, and reorients me when I get caught up in the distractions I know are helping fulfill my 'why.' A continual journey of growth and learning.

I never imagined being a photographer, it was never in my plan or an interest until I got married but I'm thankful for this opportunity to document these stories for the people I meet, witnessing small moments in their journey and celebrating the legacy they're creating.


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My wife & I were high school sweethearts and got married half way through college.


We have two amazing kids, Maggie & Rowan, who bring endless energy and joy into our life.

We long to be outdoors, whether our daily family bike rides, camping, hiking, or exploring a new National Park.



Music is always play in our house. I have a hard time being productive if I don't have a playlist going in the background.

A productive day starts with a pour over coffee at home or an iced Miel at Cottonwood Coffee.


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