The Photographer

My wife, Rachel, and I have been married since 2010 and have two children, Maggie and Rowan. We live in Brookings and have been rooted in South Dakota our entire lives.

I enjoy the outdoors, riding moped, design, binging Netflix, reading comics, and Apple products. I love Jesus, my wife, my daughter Maggie and son Rowan, music, traveling, my family, and serving others.

As a husband, I firmly believe in marriage and want to capture your story during the short time I get to lean in with you during this journey. I want your images to be real and authentic – not 'trendy' or 'perfect.' Your relationship and story together is what I desire to shine through in your images.

My Approach

The best images happen when you can be you. I know how it feels to be in front of the camera and how awkward it can be. I’ll make thinks as laid back as possible, allowing you to focus on one another and the moments you’re creating with each other. Your love and story are more important than recreating a pose found on Pinterest. The images you’ll look back are real moments that unfolded naturally from your wedding day. We will create intentional space for connection, where you reflect and focus on your journey together. Then I can capture moments happening that you’ll look back on and keep with you.


creating space for reflection

Rachel and I love being outside with our kids. It gives us space to disconnect from our devices and focus on whats important, like our family. We feel refueled when traveling and experiencing more outside of South Dakota and the Midwest. Being out in nature helps cultivate new creativity that I can bring back to my work.

connecting with others

My faith, marriage, and kids are the most important things in my life. Beyond those, I believe connecting with others gives a greater meaning and purpose to what I do as a photographer. I very grateful for the couples and families that have allowed me to partner with them.

cultivating creatively

My wife and I have made changes to do more things that are 'life-giving' or more productive. We create time for exercising, talking, and spending more intentional time with our kids. This allows us to disconnect form our devices and be inspired by books, music, health, and conversation.