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Photography started as a hobby, a more 'life-giving' activity and creative outlet. But, it didn't take long before I realized how much more meaningful it would become for me. As Rachel and I grew more into our marriage and then became parents, my perspective has changed behind the camera. No matter the season of life, whether first year of marriage or a growing family with children, they hold unique value. I want to remember the little things, the daily routines and rhythms, pajama Saturdays, family movie night, or watching the kids run in the yard. Real moments and details I want to remember, memories to look back on.

These seasons of life are fleeting and the moments that fill them can be forgotten. Documenting our families can be one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves and leave for our children. A visual legacy, celebrating marriage, family, and doing life together.

Preserving a legacy

This is Me


Husband to Rachel

My wife, Rachel, and I are high school sweethearts. We started dating my junior year, her senior year. We dated for 4 years before getting married in 2010.


Dad to Maggie, Rowan, and Sloane

We waited awhile before having kids, but now over 11 years later we have a full crew that keep us on our toes and continue to teach us new things every day.


Christ Follower

My faith is at the center of everything I do, including my business. Making my clients feel seen and loved like Christ would is what I strive to do throughout our time together.

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Photographer & Filmmaker | South Dakota

I Have a Degree

every day begins with a

network security

pour over or iced coffee

a favorite summer activity is

My son & I love all things

tent camping

star wars

I’m Addicted to

I'm very particular about

mowing my yard

fantasy football

I still own & Play my

Nintendo 64

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Legacy over likes



Romans 12: 9&10

When I'm Not Holding a Camera

01 — Family Time

04 — Disc Golf

I picked up disc golf in college as a free activity to do outside in the evenings. I love it because I can go by myself if I need some quiet time alone or hang out with some friends.

We try to plan a day into our week where we can just spend time as a family, whether a neighborhood walk, a bike ride, chalk in the driveway, or movie night with popcorn.

05 — Movie Club

02 — Outdoors & Travel

We love visiting National Parks and just being outdoors when we can. Our most recent trips have been to the Tetons and hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I enjoy Star Wars, Marvel, and most other superhero type movies. A while back few friends and I have made it a tradition going to opening night. Friends, popcorn, and a movie.

06 — Fantasy Football

03 — Music

Music is a must every day for me. Whether my favorite lo-fi or instrumental playlist in the background while editing, or discovering new artists during chores or relaxing.

Since college, I've been in at least one fantasy league. I'm now in three dynasty leagues with varying groups of friends over the years. It's a lot of fun and has kept us all in touch.

Kind Words

"Jordan is so relational making it easy to relax and have fun when pictures can be somewhat stressful!"

—Julie V.