Order in Chaos – Wallpaper Wednesday


Although I don't enjoy 100 degree temperatures and what fells like 70-90% humidity every day for the last few weeks, I have enjoyed being outside with the kiddos, working on projects, and riding moped. This week while grilling, I was trying to figure out what do do for wallpaper Wednesday and mindlessly waiting for some pork chops to finish, I was admiring how green one of the plants Rachel has in the front of our house amidst everything else anywhere was drying up due to the constant direct sunlight at 100 degrees. I've been on a macro kick, so I thought I'd go from one extreme of having a landscape image of a dormant volcano, to a macro of the little details we miss around us.


I like this image because of the abstract and random positioning the blades rest, but at the same time you see the perfectly parallel lines that make up each.