Mount St. Helens – Wallpaper Wednesday


First wallpaper Wednesday! I've been wanting to get back to taking time for myself, creating images of things I love and enjoy. When I first started doing photography, I would go outside and just try different things with a camera. Most of the time they were pretty terrible, but it challenged me to be better and understand my camera. So, I'm finally gonna to make time and get back to doing that, and share them with you all.


I chose this image from when Rachel and I went to Seattle a few years back. One of the reasons I like this image is because of that amazing, blue gradient in the sky, and the shadowing depth of the smaller mountains leading to Helens.


I hope you enjoy the images to follow in the future, feel free to use them for your personal use. Also... feel free to comment below or contact me if you have some suggestions or ideas for future wallpaper Wednesdays, I'd love to get some community interaction and provide some content you'd like to see!